Blueberries are perennial flowering plants of the genus “Vaccinium” that are usually grown for their dark berries. These berries can be consumed as raw, added to breakfasts, baked goods, and yogurts (curds) or made into jams. Blueberries have incredible nutrition and health benefits. Blueberries are not only popular but also repeatedly ranked in the U.S. diet as having one of the highest antioxidant properties. These berries are native to North America.

Alix blue

Cultivar of blueberry newly introduced for Battistini Nursery. Alix Blue has a good vigor and requires less cold than giant blueberries (V. corymbosum). Fruit is medium size, spherical and of a nice blue color.
Tree: Vigorous growth habit, productive. Alix Blue requires fewer chill hours to have a good blueberry production (400 hours estimated).
Editor: Multibaies – France
Flowering: Early blossoming, it can be sensitive to late frost.
Maturation: Very early ripening period.
Fruit: Alix Blue produces large-sized berry, colored by a beautiful blue.
Taste: Firm blueberry, very sweet and tasty fruits.



American giant blueberry variety not recently introduced but with excellent productive characteristics. Its fruit is of a nice light blue color, big size and good taste; the only disadvantage is that it keeps a low shelf life.
Tree: Vigorous shrub with a basically open habit.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Medium.
Fruit: Blueberry of large size, light color and spherical shape. The scar of the stem is quite noticeable.
Taste: Blueberry of excellent taste and firmness.


It is one of the most spread american giant blueberry varieties. It well bears cold and in particular late frosts. It is very productive and it requires pruning in order not to compromise the size of the fruits. Moreover, it needs some caution about watering bcause of its sensitiveness to hydric stress.
Tree: Medium vigour tree and very productive. It has a quite contained root apparatus, therefore it is sensitive to hydric stress.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Medium.
Fruit: Medium-large size blueberry of a light blue colour, pruinose. Its pedicular scar is not very evident.
Taste: Excellent taste and consistence of the fruits. Aromatic taste.


American giant blueberry variety recently introduced which fits well not very cold areas. The fruit harvesting is quite protract, so it makes it suitable for fresh market.
Tree: Vigorous tree with a good productivity.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Medium.
Fruit: Blueberry of large size, with a light blue skin.
Taste: Excellent flavor of the fruits.


American giant blueberry variety very interesting for its productivity and held of the fruits even in complete maturation. It is also suitable for mechanical harvesting.
Tree: Medium-high vigour tree with erect and upright habit. Excellent production.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Late.
Fruit: Very attractive fruit: nice blue and pruinose colour, of medium size, almost spherical.
Taste: Consistent blueberry with an excellent taste, fragrant.


Duke is the leading early ripening variety of giant blueberry. It is known for its cold-resistance, high yields of uniform sized, quality fruit. Good taste. Its fruits can be suitable for both fresh and process sales.
Tree: Shrub to medium-low vigor. It can stand very well cold climate. Good productivity.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Early ripening time.
Fruit: Duke blueberries are homogeneous-medium size, firm, with a nice deep color, very pruinose. Fruits are well distributed in the foliage and are easy picking.
Taste: Good flavor.


Late american giant blueberry which can give quite dissimilar achievements, depending on weather conditions; anyway its fruits are always very tasty and rich of antioxidants.
Tree: Medium vigour tree with erect habit. Good productivity.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Late.
Fruit: Blueberry that can produce very different fruits depending on the cultivated area: large, but also of medium caliber. Its shape is essentially round with a little peduncle scar.
Taste: The taste is good, very aromatic and rich of antioxidants and anthocyanins which gives an intense red colour.


American giant blueberry variety which is interesting for its very late ripening time and because it is concentrate in a restricted period; high productivity. Also suitable for mechanical harvesting.
Tree: Vigorous tree with erect habit, very productive.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Late.
Fruit: Medium-small light blue and consistent blueberry.
Taste: Good taste, little aromatic.


Berries of Gupton are medium to large with very good flavor, color and firmness and have small picking scars. It is Plants bloom in mid-late March in south Mississippi and fruit ripen about ten days before the earliest maturing rabbiteye blueberries.
Tree: Vigorous and productive. It has an upright growth habit.
Editor: Multibaies – France
Maturation: Early ripening period.
Fruit: Blueberry interesting for color and firmness, It has also have small picking scars.
Taste: Very good flavor, aromatic.


Late american giant blueberry variety which is very vigorous. It can also be suitable for the mechanical harvesting of the fruits.
Tree: Very vigorous tree with erect habit. Its productivity is good thanks to its late ripening time.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Late.
Fruit: Medium size light blue blueberry. It has a round shape and a little peduncle scar. Fruit is highly fragrant.
Taste: Fruit is very pleasant and firm, rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins.


Very interesting american giant blueberry variety. Its leaf is quite persistent so it is sensitive to late frosts. It’s important to choose a well exposed and not windy position. The fruits have good size and pleasant taste.
Tree: Vigorous tree with erect and basically expanded habit. It is particularly sensitive to late frosts.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Medium.
Fruit: Medium size fruit of excellent quality and easy picking.
Taste: Excellent organoleptic characteristics: fruits are sweet and aromatic.

New Hanover

Variety of blueberry newly introduced for Battistini Nursery. New Hanover has a mid-season ripening, with a requirement of cold between 500-600 hours. Blueberries have such a truly remarkable size: from large to very large, with a very good shelf life. Suitable in particular to be hand harvested.
Tree: Very productive shrub, very vigorous and with a semi-upright growth habit.
Editor: Multibaies – France
Maturation: Mid-season.
Fruit: New Hanover bluberry is very large, very good color. Very good self-life.
Taste: Very firm bluberry and very good taste.

Ozark Blue

Blueberry variety which doesn’t need much cold, it quickly enters in production and gives a good yield. It is important to choose the right planting location – a well exposed and not windy area.
Tree: Vigorous tree with high and constant productivity. It is one of those varieties that doesn’t require much cold.
Editor: University of Arkansas – USA
Maturation: Late.
Fruit: Blueberry of excellent size, easy to harvest. Good storage ability.
Taste: Very pleasant fruit, particularly aromatic, with a reduced progressive maturation.


Blueberry variety with origin in New Zealand. Good productivity with medium fruit of low acidity.
Tree: Good vigour tree with basically erect habit.
Editor: Unpatented.
Maturation: Precocious.
Fruit: Fruit of medium-small size which tends to lose the glaze at complete maturation.
Taste: Pleasant taste with low acidity.


Tree: Vigorous growth habit, productive. Star requires fewer chill hours to have a good blueberry production (400 hours estimated).
Flowering: Early blossoming, it can be sensitive to late frost
Maturation: Very early.
Fruit: Large-sized berry, colored by a beautiful blue.
Taste: Very sweet and firm flesh.

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