About Us

Our activity is based on the knowledge and experience in business and international relations, both in the private and public sectors.

Our philosophy of work, with a purely international vocation, is inspired by the ethical commitment and the promotion of principles and values consistent with Human Rights, and respectful with the rights of societies and states.

Experience shows that complexity and uncertainty are the parameters of today’s world, which requires companies and institutions to undertake a process of continuous adaptation. Hence the importance of always working with flexibility, especially in projects of international scope, in which the best way to achieve the objectives is through knowledge and adaptation to the rules, practices and culture of each region.

In the recent years we have developed our expertise in agriculture technology, working with our clients to anticipate industry disruptions, innovate, apply a unique point of view on agricultural trends and opportunities, and build proven and successful business models. We target small farmers, medium and large enterprises that seek and value professional tools that enable them to fully manage their processes.

How much time do you have?

Do you want to waste your time looking for potential solutions or do you want to take advantage of someone else’s experience and use it?

Time is the most valuable thing in life and the only one we cannot move backwards. Use it the best you can and make that progress you dream of.

We do have the experience and are willing to assist you in international markets

Our CEO, Guillermo Baquero Busse